EUROPEAN TOUR medics have confirmed they will bring Chief Executive Keith Pelley out of cryogenic stasis early next week.

Keith Pelley Funny Pic
Pelley in cryogenic stasis since November 2016.
The Tour boss has been immersed in liquid nitrogen since the last event on the European Tour, the DP World Tour Championship, in late November 2016.  Doctors are hopeful he will be thawed out and ready to officiate at the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth next week.

A spokesperson for the European Tour Cryogenic's Centre (ETCC) said they "have been monitoring the brain activity from Mister Pelley's tank, and there was none, so all is normal."

“The whole cryostasis process is very easy every year with Keith,"  said ETCC chief Dr. Harry Shipman. "He's frozen rock solid, in everyday life, so it's just a matter of getting him into the chamber over there beside Howard Clark and bringing him down the few extra degrees."

Pelley is set to give a speech at the trophy presentation at Wentworth Sunday evening and call the winner "a very golf skilled person."

"Lets hope there's no icicles hanging off his chin," laughed Dr. Shipman. "Then we'd all look silly!"

More as it emerges.

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