Wasn't it just wonderful to see 54 year old Vijay Singh play so well at the Players Championship? Just simply wonderful.

If the spray don't fit you must acquit!

The three time Major winner is still battling the PGA Tour for the way they handled the Fijian's Deer Antler Spray anti doping case.  And as it happens, four years after the incident emerged before The 2013 Players Championship, Singh's legal team have now successfully secured a trial date.

Singh's lawyer is Peter Ginsberg and it looks like he has a solid case.  That centres around statements made by ex PGA Tour Chief Tim Finchem and the Tour's failure to consult with WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) as is compulsory procedure in an anti-doping investigation.

Singh admitted using IGF-1 in Deer Antler Spray, a substance banned by the PGA Tour and WADA, but claimed he had no knowledge of it being prohibited.

Whether this ever reaches trial only time will tell.  My guess is the PGA Tour will now settle with Singh to avoid a glut of other similar banned substance cases that could emerge and expose them if this goes to trial.

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