The European Tour's new website is complete and utter rubbish; there I said it.

Because someone had to.

Did the Tour let little Billy design it?

The European Tour's site is so bad you have to see it.

Look it up for yourself on your laptop or phone. It works (or doesn't) equally rubbish on both. The leaderboard page rarely works, the stats page is gone, in fact none of the pages really work properly. It's so unintuitive that it's a disaster.

If you click on the tournaments page and the schedule page is no longer there. Instead you're brought to a second blank generic tournament page, click through that and you're brought to a page which shows the BMW PGA Championship page which took place three weeks ago!

Who is responsible for this? Who signed off on it?

Come on European Tour, you can do better than this. It's not like you had much to live up to versus the PGA Tour site but you must do better than this.

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