Hank Haney is calling out Bernhard Langer's putting stroke on twitter for breach of the anchoring ban.

But what I don't like Hank is the way your tweet is so slyly phrased and constructed.

A) In the form of a question.  That allows the defence "I didn't accuse him....I only asked the question!"

B) Using "out of curiosity" to act as if he's not sure....when he is or else he wouldn't tweet.

C) Using the safety blanket phrase "Lots of Champions Tour players are questioning this" as if he's part of a crowd.

D) Tagging the USGA, to get maximum attention.

Not on Hank. Let the officials do their job.  You now are no better than the TV viewer who rings in looking to have a player DQ'd for what he thinks is a rules infringement.

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