While everything about the Phil Mickelson and Jim Bones Mackay parting ways was expertly coordinated and worded so sickly sweet something must have gone very wrong for the pair to be so suddenly severing ties after 25 years.

Phil Mickelson Jim MacKay

The statements were worded like the same lawyer had written both.  Even down to the "we can still joke about" reference in both to the annual veto, where Bones can tell Phil not to hit a shot he wants to hit just once per year.

Now I don't know about you, but what I thought very odd last week was the sight of Bones, trudging up and down the fairways at Erin Hills, yardage book in hand, doing his reconnaissance and talking to every Joe soap along the way. It stood out because it was something I've never seen before.  Phil was never realistically going to play, yet Bones went up there and worked and hung around like a lost soul.  Did this cause the rift? Skipping a Major for the first time since 1994 because of a high school graduation? Are you serious? I'm trying to make a living here man? Am I getting paid for this? I need to work?

Or does Bones see this as Phil finally tapering down his career while he, at 52 with two new knees, still has plenty left to give to some hungry young player out there?

One thing is for sure, rumours of Bones leaving to join Jon Rahm have been well and truly quashed. By Jon Rahm.

Phil will now have his brother Tim on the bag for the rest of the year.  Tim is also Jon Rahm's agent, which may started the rumour mill spinning.

As for Bones, we will wait to see what bag he picks up.  It's gonna have to be some guy who likes to talk. A lot!!

The Parting Statements

After 25 very rewarding and memorable years, Bones and I have mutually decided to end our player-caddie relationship. Our decision is not based on a single incident. We just feel it’s the right time for a change.
Bones is one of the most knowledgable and dedicated caddies in the world. He is always prepared and has the ability to make decisions in pressure packed situations. Bones is without a doubt one of the most thoughtful people that I have ever known. The next player to work with him will obviously be very lucky.
My relationship and history with Bones far exceeds golf. He has been one of the most important and special people in my life since the day we met and I will always be grateful for everything he has done for me. Amy and I, and our children, will always think of Bones, Jen, Oliver, and Emma as family.
We are looking forward to sharing life and friendship with them forever. My brother Tim will be on my bag for the rest of the year. Bones has not used his veto this year andI heard a rumor that he is trying to pass his veto to Tim. For the record, vetoes are non-transferable.


And here is Bones' statement:

After an amazing 25-year run, Phil and I have mutually decided to go our separate ways. Player-caddie relationships don’t often last that long. I will always be grateful that I was around to witness so much of Phil’s career. When Phil hired me in 1992, I had one dream: to caddie in a Ryder Cup. Last year, at Hazeltine, Phil played in his 11th straight Ryder Cup. It was so cool to have a front row seat.
I wish Phil nothing but the best. His game is still at an elite level, and when he wins in the future (definitely the Masters), I will be among the first to congratulate him.
I do want to say for the record that I did not use my “veto” this year. I would like to pass it along to Tim, in all its glory.

Thank you Phil.
Jim Bones Mackay

It remains to be seen where this goes from here.

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