Air accident investigators have now concluded a "rogue fart" and not a stitching malfunction was the primary cause of Jason Dufner's trouser blowout at the Tour Championship.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) were brought in help with the investigation after an unexplained pocket of methane gas almost brought down a passenger airline as it flew over Atlanta at the same time last Friday.

It was initially thought Dufner simply tore the stitching of his trousers whilst bending over but it now appears something much more sinister was afoot.

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"We knew from the outset that the hole in Mister Dufner's trousers had to be caused by an explosion of some magnitude and the pattern of the breach left us in no doubt that it was caused by the sudden and rapid expulsion of gas," said NTSB lead investigator Chase Wingnut. "That coupled with the six eggs he ate for breakfast, the airbus being hit by a methane cloud and the detection of a small hole in the ozone layer directly above five minutes later leaves us in no doubt as to the cause of this incident being a rotten rogue fart and not a trouser tear."

More as it emerges.

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