Fears are growing for the health of legendary CBS golf writer Kyle Porter as he neared his seventh month locked in the corner of an office at Augusta National yesterday.

Porter was detained in April by Green Jackets for allegedly throwing a piece of tomato from a sandwich on the ground at Augusta then not saying sorry and has since been tethered to the corner wall of an office in the Butler Cabin.

Police initially descended on the property to help release Porter but agreed to leave him there after being offered a free round of golf by members and an Augusta pitchmark repairer each.

A ransom request for $50 was sent to CBS but as yet has not been paid as it was deemed "too high" by the corporation.

Doctors fear that Porter may now be losing touch with reality after deeming as "hilarious" a mildly amusing photo of Phil Mickelson with three former Presidents yesterday.

“Seriously guys I'm fine. Don’t worry about me at all, it's a laugh a minute tied up in the corner of this office by myself,” Porter told CBS yesterday using a camera rigged up to an earpiece. “They throw me crusts of very reasonably priced sandwiches every day and I'm doubled over laughing. They've even given me a football helmet which helps with the beatings it's just the funniest thing”.

More as it emerges.


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