Poor old Matthew Southgate fell victim to a freak incident which cost him four shots when a leaf blew into his ball at the  DAP Championship on the Web.com Tour Finals.

Southgate hit his putt on the 15th at Canterbury Golf Club in Ohio, onto to see his ball knocked off course by a leaf that blew across the green at that very moment.

Here's the video

Not knowing that he could replay the shot under no penalty Southgate finished out the hole, incurring a four-stroke penalty.  Two shots for playing the ball rom the wrong spot and another two for signing his card with the wrong score.

If Southgate knew Rule 19-1 it could have been avoided.
According to Web.com rules officials the rule...... requires for the stroke to be cancelled and replayed. Matthew proceeded to tap in his next putt and continued on with his round. The committee was made aware of the situation after Matthew signed his scorecard and prior to the close of competition. The result was the following: Two penalty strokes for a breach of 19-1 (Matthew did not cancel and replay the stroke, see Decision 19-1/3) plus an additional two penalty strokes for a breach of 6-6d (see the exception for Rule 6-6d).

Bummer. Chin up Matthew.

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