Rickie Fowler became the first high profile golfer to "take a knee" yesterday at the Presidents Cup.

Rickie Fowler has become the first high profile golfer to "take a knee" in protest against perceived injustices at the Presidents Cup.

Rickie Fowler was seen taking a knee yesterday at the Presidents Cup. See Pic below.
Boos were heard around Liberty National as Fowler "took a knee" during what seemed like a perfectly routine bunker shot.

"I respect bunkers, and I love a steep ninety degree lip as much as any American, but if my ball trickles in there and rests against that lip, that to me is an injustice, and I reserve the right to take a knee to get myself out of there."

Rickie Fowler "takes a knee" during Presidents Cup practice.  
Fowler's comments have been met with a groundswell of support on social media.

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The President however responded on Wednesday by tweeting: "Keep it on the fairway young man and you wont need to take a knee. Great great orange clothing by the way."

It remains to be seen if other players "take a knee" today.

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