Tiger Woods is back!  He published a video on Twitter hitting a chip shot so solid it would make you cry tears of joy and that can mean only one thing.  He'll make a triumphant return on Tour in a few weeks, will probably win before Christmas, go on to take all four Majors next year, break Jack Nicklaus's record and show Rors, DJ, Jordan and co who the real boss is.

That is what you're thinking! Admit it!

But what can we really read into the tweet and the video?

Tiger tweeted "Dr. gave me the ok to start pitching."

1.  Let's start with the positives. Tiger looks well again. Thank God for that. 

2. This is carefully thought out promotional tweet, but using the term "Dr" in it was a marketing mistake that throws a negative in there. We all remember the controversial Dr. Galea that Tiger was linked to in the past.  And it's probably not referring to the doctor he had a few months ago either that had him on a concoction of drugs. I'd say it's a new doctor. But I'd have no inference to Tiger's reliance on doctors in there whatsoever and left out the reference.

3. There is more than a hint of staging in the video.  That Bridgestone practice bag of balls is very carefully placed forward into the shot to be noticed. The spotless Nike shoes. No balls on the lower tier. Even though Tiger is not playing he still needs to earn money, the wheels of Tiger Inc. need to keep turning through the endorsements.  Nike and Bridgestone need to be kept happy. Was he gently nudged into making the video?

4. While the tweet wasn't phrased well the shot in the video is well thought out.  The video is of a tough chip! There's no point posting Tiger hitting an easy chip. It has to be a mutherfupper of a chip onto a top tier from a heavily sanded fringe. To get all us fans excited. Everyone knows it's impossible to chip off a sandy fringe! That's the one mere mortals skull across the green or completely duff.  And it's filmed in slow motion so that the tie wearing experts on the Golf Channel can dissect the mechanics and give the all clear that Tiger has addressed a glaring weakness he's had of late and now the club "is in a much better place." Yet they cut is short before the ball runs out. That gives the knockers some ammo.

5.  The muscles are back on the upper body? Has that slim Tiger strategy been shelved again?  The gym, in fairness, is a great refuge for the out of action sportsman with time to pass.  But how much more time?

Done for marketing or not it's great to see the greatest back doing what he does best even for a bried few seconds.  Get well soon Tiger.  

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