Did anyone notice how all the pros were suddenly shouting FORE after errant shots at The British Masters? Tour golf's dirtiest little problem seemed suddenly solved.

I'm wondering was a little memo circulated by the European Tour after a UK court ruling that coincided with the event which saw a teenager awarded £125,000 after being hit by a ball at Portstewart Golf Club, venue of the years Irish Open.

The incident dates back 10 years when the boy was hit by a stray ball at the Riverside Course in Portstewart.  The case was won on alleging negligence due to the lack of warning signage.

The club's insurers footed the bill.

But does this set a precedent in law for any spectator hit by a ball on the European Tour.  Is not shouting FORE when you know a ball is headed toward the crowd being negligent? Can anyone who gets struck by a ball without warning now be guaranteed a big payout?

There were lots of shouts of FORE in Newcastle last week, lets see if it continues shall we?

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