Eddie Pepperell was prodded into making an important point about the European Tour on Twitter and unfortunately former pro Gary Evans ended up as collateral damage in the process.

I have to say at the outset that I am a big fan of both Eddie Pepperell and former European Tour stalwart Gary Evans and the fact that they have fallen out is sad; but it seems Eddie had a very important point to make about free speech and Gary was collateral damage.

It all started with Evans calling out Pepperell for using bad language in his tweets.
When Eddie tweeted about Rory McIlroy and Henrik Stenson's absence from the Tour's DP World Championship in Dubai this week and included the f- word at the end for emphasis.

Evans responded by saying that Eddie should cut down on the 'profanities' in his tweets and suggested that is the reason he doesn't have as much sponsorship as others.

Needless to say, that spurred Eddie into action and he hit Gary back with his full mastery of the English language.

Yes the Tour being a 21st Century "shit show of mirages"is a point very well made and expertly put but it's a pity that another good guy felt he had to close his twitter account after.

Why is the Tour "a shit show of mirages"?
Maybe it's because the glittering new Rolex Series is actually depriving the Tour of new talent.  Eddie knows that he is the ONLY player from last year's Q School that is in the field for this weeks DP World Tour Championship.

And he knows that of the 30 players that earned their Tour cards this time last year at Q School, only three, Pepperell, Dodo Molinari and Ashley Chesters have managed to keep them.  The reason is simple; more money in the pot at the fat end for the Rolex Series players, means less money for the ordinary Joe's out there plugging away every week.

Hopefully Gary Evans will realise in a few days that Eddie's point was not about him but had to be made. Whatever language it took.

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