Tiger is back in action today, but why not just enjoy watching him play again rather than expecting him to win 10 times on the PGA Tour next year and beat Jack's Major record?

Today is a day to sit down and celebrate the greatest player of our era, nothing more. Expecting anything more is lunacy.

There has been a lot of hype this week about Tiger being pain free and driving the ball 340 yards; that means jack shit.

The reality is Tiger has had one helluva shit time the last few months not to mention years.  Just look at the timeline. It's hard hard reading.

He spent weeks in some sort of therapy for his prescription medication addiction in July,  after being arrested for DUI and appallingly embarrassed in May, following surgery to fuse vertebrae in April.  Before that it was crippling leg and back pain, resulting in withdrawing last time out in Dubai.  Before that more surgeries and crap advice that just didn't work.

Major wise he impressed in the 2015 Masters but slipped down in the final round.  He missed cuts at The Open and PGA Championship and worryingly seemed to be struggling with "the yips" when chipping.  His last Major win was in 2008, that'll be 10 years in a couple of months time.

And then there is what happened in 2009 when it all went South personally for Woods.

Sadly they are the facts.

Also a fact is that Tiger has 14 Major wins, 79 PGA Tour wins and is the greatest player still of playing age of the modern era.

So again, let's enjoy these few days and celebrate Tiger playing again. Sit your kids and grandkids down on front of the TV and show them Tiger Woods.  As golf fans we are privileged to live in his time.

BTW Have you seen the latest video from golf impression genius Steven Connolly, the man who brought us the Rory Press conference video this year?

It's the story of "How Jack Got His Rolex"

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