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Despite being without a full time swing coach, Tiger Woods is unlikely to accept a tip guaranteed to fix his wayward driving from a self serving prick on the Golf Channel, according to sources.

Tiger Woods in a random picture beside Brandel Chamblee for no reason at all.

The patronising prick proclaimed on a Golf Channel broadcast that he could fix the 79 time PGA Tour winner and 14 time Major Champion's errant driving "in two minutes."

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On hearing the news that the spawn of Satan could teach him to hit arrow straight drives for the rest of his life in less time than it takes JB Holmes to lay up, Tiger reportedly told friends "I'd rather slide down a bannister of razor blades with vaseline on my balls than take advice from that c*nt."  

"It's absolutely fantastic to be able to stir shit about Tiger Woods again," said the vile prick after the broadcast. “I thought my days of spouting absolute muck on the Golf Channel were numbered then Tiger comes back and suddenly I get to Lord it over every fucker in the world every day all over again. Happy days!"

Following the dissertation on Woods swing plane to his captive minions, the outdated prick from a bygone era took time out to block some more people who are wise to his shit on Twitter.

More as it emerges.

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