Slow play on the golf course can be vexing but this incident on Grandview Golf Club in Pennsylvania is nasty on several levels.

The video has hit the headlines because the ladies accused of holding up a group were black, but race aside the handling was heavy handed and watch out for the remark from the older gent "This is what she wants.....this is what she does for a living." He is Steve Chronister father of course co-owner Jordan who also features in the video.  He was referring to the lady who made the video, Sandra Thompson, an attorney by trade and member of the club!

Following release of the video to the media the golf club were forced into a public apology to the women.

The incident started when Steve Chronister complained that the women, playing in a 5-ball, were not keeping up with the group in front.  The women then apparently checked with the club pro who said they were fine.  In any case they then skipped a hole to avoid any further complaint. Three of the women left after the ninth hole.

On the tenth tee Chronister again approached the remaining two women, stating they took too long a break after nine and instructed them to leave the course.

The women argued that the men in Chronsiter's group were themselves eating burgers and drinking beer after nine holes and not ready to play but were told that the police had been called to escort them off the course.

So they waited.

When Northern York County Regional Police arrived they conducted interviews, viewed the video filmed by Thompson and left without pressing any charges.

Following the incident JJ Chronister, wife of Jordan and co-owner of the club personally phoned each of the women to apologise.

“We sincerely apologize to the women for making them feel uncomfortable here at Grandview, that is not our intention in any way,” she told reporters. “We want all of our members to feel valued and that they can come out here and have a great time, play golf and enjoy the experience.”

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