The European Tour have issued a warning to all players in a bid to stop them posting season two spoilers of the cryptic convoluted virtual reality TV show Westworld.

"Our players are incredibly skilled at sitting on their arses and watching TV shows on their phones but we cannot have a situation where our members are posting spoilers on their twitter account and ruining the show for everyone," Tour boss Keith Pelley told reporters today.  "It reflects very badly on the European Tour and my wife fucking hates it."

The Windows 95 computer at European Tour headquarters had to be rebooted six times after Eddie Pepperell, tweeted "Westworld... There goes my gentle, uninterrupted sleep. 🤷🏼‍♂️" sparking a glut of complaint emails.

"That may well have been a cryptic spoiler but it doesn't look like anything to me," continued Pelley. "Anyway I sincerely doubt that Eddie has a fucking clue what's going on in Westworld. Nobody does. That's the key to creating a multi billion dollar generating TV phenomenon that drags on for fucking years."

Pelley ended the press conference with this warning

"But I swear to God, any player who even dreams of posting a Westworld Season 2 the time I told my wife William was The Man In Black all along when she was actually only half way through watching Season 1..... can expect a hefty fine from me."

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