After shooting 89 in the first round of the Players Championship Phil Mickelson admitted he was "absolutely wrecked" after a mental days work in the office and the last thing on his mind was golf.

"I had planned to take a half day at work to play golf, but next thing shit kicked off in the office," said a clearly exhausted Mickelson. "We were down staff after the bank holiday and I got held up.  Then on the way home the wife wanted me to get bread and milk in the shop and sure I ended up throwing the clubs out of the car and rushing onto the first tee.  I hadn't even time to change my feckin' shirt."
Phil Mickelson GolfCentralDaily
Phil Mickelson on the first tee at The Players yesterday.

Mickelson is not even sure if he can play in the second round today.

"I rang Tiger and Rickie this morning and told them 'I'll join ye on the back nine if I can't get out of the office in time.' Friday's are always fucking mental with invoices to pay and doing wages and I've to get a haircut too. I'll see."

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