Hardware stores across America have sold out of mallets in minutes after Tiger Woods was spotted using one on the PGA Tour this week.

Tiger Woods putting with a mallet in Maryland yesterday.

Home Depot's 2,356 stores across the United States reported being overrun with sweaty men in pastel shirts, plaid pants and TaylorMade hats with security intervening in several scuffles as they clamoured to purchase the last mallets.

"To be honest we haven't sold a mallet all year because they're kindof pointless tools that nobody really uses anymore but now we cant stock them quick enough," said Home Depot chief Dee AyWy. "Whoever this Tiger Woods guy is, he must be one helluva good carpenter."

Meanwhile the PGA Tour have rushed through an emergency law allowing for the use of wooden tools and kitchen utensils for putting after Tiger suggested he might try putting with a whisk or a spatula if the mallet doesn't work.

More as it emerges.

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