Ernie the Muppet has this morning commenced proceedings against Francesco Molinari on grounds of breach of copyright. 

Ernie with his barrister housemate Bert preparing for court today.

According to documents filed with the court, the Sesame Street star claims The Open Champion has duplicated his look and his deadpan delivery style.

"It's very clear to see that Mister Molinari has styled himself completely on Ernie and is attempting to profit from the warmth and cuddliness and little belly and lovability that brings," his barrister housemate Bert said today. "I myself successfully sued Francesco's brother Edoardo in 2005 for styling his image on me. It seems they haven't learned the lesson."

GCD has learned that things came to a head for Ernie on Sunday evening when Molinari posted a video of himself and his rubber ducky singing in the bath with the Claret Jug.

"Ernie's naivety has been exploited on many occasions over the years, including the time a guy called to our door and sold him some air, but those days are over and we will fight this," said Bert leaving court. "The rubber ducky gag was the last straw."
More as it emerges.

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