Amid a global downturn in airline operating profits, British Airways have this morning expressed their delight at the announcement of quarterly profits up 25% thanks to diversifying into the used golf equipment business.

The airline now have 45 "pop-up" golf equipment shops operating out of baggage handling vans located at roundabouts outside major airports across Europe, with reports that daily stocks are selling out in minutes.

"We have a whole range of bags, and clubs, and shoes, and toiletry bags with new stock literally coming in every day," said BA boss Jonathan Clamstead.  "We actually have a lovely Nike Tour bag with Danish writing and full of TaylorMade equipment on special offer for any of our friends from Denmark today.  We're asking £50 for the lot and there's a flight from Copenhagen due in about now so we expect it to be snapped up rapid."

Business at the Heathrow pop-up store was reported as "mental" yesterday with shoppers clamouring to avail of the offer of a free golf bag travel case with every purchase.

"We can also get you pretty much any set you want within a day or two," continued Clamstead. "And our prices are so good you'd think the stuff has fallen off the back of a lorry!  But of course is hasn't.  The reason we can sell everything so cheaply is we have zero carriage costs on all our stock. It's a unique business model, clubs just arrive at our door!"

More as it emerges.

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