Phil Mickelson was questioned by Ryder Cup officials for several hours this morning over allegations he may have tampered with the big wheel used to decide the Team USA Captain's Picks.

Captain Jim Furyk was due in today to spin the wheel containing the names of those who haven't made the team already, and have been bugging the hell out of him on WhatsApp, but this has now been postponed to a later date.

Jim Furyk spins the USA Ryder Captains Pick wheel during rehearsals.

CCTV footage from Ryder Cup USA offices hours earlier appears to show to show a portly man wearing a dress shirt, KPMG hat and fitting Mickelson's description sneaking into the room where the big wheel is stored. Officers later noticed that all 15 "Tiger Woods" segments of the wheel had been carefully cut out with a scalpel and expertly replaced with "Phil Mickelson" segments.

"It looks like a clear case of Insider Blading but we need to first talk to Mister Mickelson to establish what went on here and if indeed he is guilty of Insider Blading," said Ryder Cup USA security chief Randall Drinkwell. "I must also mention that we did find a signed Phil Mickelson glove and a $200 tip beside the security guard punched out by the intruder on his way into the building but we are keeping an open mind."

More as it emerges.

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