I'm the last one qualified to criticise or be a moral custodian after some of the garbage I've posted over the years but on a serious note, I have to say I find it pretty bad form for Phil Mickelson to post on Twitter an instructional video on how to fire a sniper rifle within the context of this year's Ryder Cup.

Guns and golf and the Ryder Cup. Three things I didn't think I'd ever see in a post by a top player.
Is this a good advert for kids? Is it part of growing the game? Are the Ryder Cup officials happy with this.

Here in Ireland, neither the public or the police carry guns. Any guns are licensed for sporting or farm use, and memories of war up North as a kid still affect most of our attitudes to guns.

But I'm reading that over 10,200 people have been killed in gun related incidents in the USA so far in 2018.  So maybe its not good to firing a sniper rifle Phil in this context.

Also, and something that really cuts deep with us in Europe, is that the Ryder Cup is to be staged in Paris, where just three years ago, 130 people were massacred in terror attacks, 90 inside the Bataclan Theatre.  So again maybe its not good to firing a sniper rifle Phil.

I'm just really hoping Phil did not realise or was not aware of the implications of posting the video.

In case he removes it, here it is on Facebook.

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