Who remembers the old wooden drivers with the four screws holding the insert in the face?  I certainly do. I used one 30 years ago as a kid.  So imagine my shock when I see TaylorMade's new drivers (most likely the M5 and M6) with screws in the heel and toe of the face!

The war for distance between Callaway and TaylorMade has been, excuse the pun, epic over the last few years.  They watch each other like hawks.  So the pressure is really on at TaylorMade to blow the consumers minds with every release, because ordinary just wont do anymore.

So much so that the new TaylorMade "screw face" teaser video was released on the same day as Callaway got their new Epic "Flash" driver models onto the USGA’s conforming list.

So what will these screws do for TaylorMade players that two M1's, two M2's an M3 and M4 couldn't?  And what if you hit the ball on the screw? Surely that's going to affect the strike? And damage the club?

Most likely, and this is yet to be seen, the screws will have more of a cosmetic role. They grab attention. Maybe they are added on to a ridiculously fast and long non conforming face to reign in the driver and bring it back within USGA parameters. That would be a good story!

Generally nowadays distance is got mainly from internal weighting techniques, materials, thinner better faces, clever pockets, weight tracks and of course shafts.....so I'll be interested to see how important these screws really are.

It all remains to be seen.  TaylorMade have released some amazing products over the past few years and are possibly a victim of their own success of late.  Players are still winning on Tours around the world with the original and rehash versions of the M1 and M2. They are that good.  It's hard to prize those clubs out of a players hand. Especially if he's not contracted like so many now.

Then you have the others, not just Callaway, like Ping who have struck gold again with their G400, , Titleist with their TS2, Cobra, Mizuno, Srixon, Wilson and even PXG.

For the moment the benefit of any doubt must be with TaylorMade.  They are the true innovators and they haven't let us down yet.  Well........except for the SLDR......that was an awful club!

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