After unsettling scenes in a Saudi Arabia last week, the European Tour's worst fears were confirmed today when Sergio Garcia provided yet further evidence that he might just be gone completely psycho.

After four hours practicing in the sand at his home course in Orlando the broody Spaniard walked into the clubhouse and over to table where group of elderly lady members were having tea, then farted loudly and laughed hysterically before shouting in Spanish "Catch that and paint it brown."

"Is wasn't a small fart like a little air one or a discreet pheep," said Phyllis Boorman one of the ladies at the table. "This was a big long wet ripper that echoed off the side off his arse cheeks as it shot out. It lasted about five seconds. I was lucky, I was over the over side of the table.  Peggy who was sitting closest to him took the full force of the fart and fainted. She said she could still taste it a half an hour after."

Asked whether it was possible that this could have been an accident, the ladies all confirmed that Sergio had clearly lifted his leg up and smiled brazenly at them all before and during expelling the anal salute.

“We tried wafting it with napkins but it did no good and Sergio just stood there smiling at us like a psycho and shouting in Spanish,” Mrs Boorman added.

European Tour boss Keith Pelley is to meet with Garcia again today to address the fart, and ask the Spaniard if licking his arse would help.

More as it emerges.

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