After a tough day getting given out shite to by his boss,  caddie Micheal Greller revealed he is getting closer to plucking up the courage to tell Jordan Spieth to stop blaming him for hitting shite shots and to cop himself the fuck on.

Following a first round 71, Greller took a moment away from popping big watery blisters on his feet in the outhouse where the caddies are kept to speak to reporters.

"My Dad always told me that to be a good caddie it's really important to be subservient to the boss, even when he acts like a whinging little brat who blames you for causing him to let go of the balloon Ronald McDonald gave him and now the damn thing's gone a mile up in the air," Greller said.  "But there were times today when I just felt like giving him a massive root up the hole and telling him to 'cop the fuck on'.  I'm still a bit afraid.  Maybe I'll start with something mild like 'I've have had it up to here with your lip being honest' and see how he takes that."

More as it emerges.

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