An article on the ultra serious Bloomberg business website suggested that online golf balls formerly referred to as "Pure Shit Balls" and "Joke Exploding Balls" may soon take over from Pro V1s.

Scientists have discovered that balls like Snell are actually not shit at all, and despite having a name sounding like 'Snail' and being a quarter of the price of Titleist Pro V1's they are actually bloody good.

After extensive tests against the Pro V1 scientists, who all fucked off out to the golf course one day last week, have published results showing Snell balls performed "pretty decent"

Bloomberg says of Snell:

It wasn’t what Snell envisioned when he decided to start his own company. He’d been an engineer in the golf-ball business for 25 years—first with Titleist and then with TaylorMade Golf Co., where he worked with such pros as Dustin Johnson and Jason Day and was instrumental in developing the Tour Preferred line. His name is on dozens of patents, including one for the original Titleist Pro V1, the most popular ball on the tour. (Gary Woodland played with it for his U.S. Open victory in June; Brooks Koepka used the Pro V1x when he won this year’s PGA Championship.)
But Snell figured he could bring his knowledge of materials, patents, and processing to the public and “eliminate big tour contracts” that pay pros handsomely to use specific products. His premium ball would have the performance characteristics of market leaders while passing the savings back to the consumer. The base rate for a 12-pack of Snell’s new MTB-Xs is $33; a dozen Pro V1s cost $52.

It wont bother me. I get mine from the lake.

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