Warning: There's a lot of use of the word 'shit' in this post.

There's no denying it; the PGA Tour Playoffs this year are shit.  They are boring, there's no drama, it all feels a bit monotonous and low key.  But why has everything suddenly gone to shit?

Here's my reasoning.

1. Tiger Woods is playing shit. We all got excited when Tiger won The Masters, we all thought his back was magically better again, we all thought he gave a shit about golf again.  Well his back is still banjaxed and he has family and has other shit to worry about.  He hasn't made the Tour Championship. We have to deal with it.

2. Rejigging all the Majors has made the end of season turn to shit.  It was fun while it lasted, The Open was a massive climax, Shane Lowry winning was class, and everyone just switched off after.  Having a WGC event (the old St Jude) with exhausted players the week after The Open was a shit move.  They should have had a lie in.

3. The bloody rain delay at the cricket has more drama than The Playoffs.  Bet you don't remember who won the Northern Trust, the first event of The Playoffs. Come on it was only a couple of weeks ago?  It was Patrick Reed.  But when Patrick Reed wins, nobody gives a shit, because nobody likes him. Then Medinah, great Ryder Cup Miracle venue, turned out to be pure shit.  Holes like airport runways, boring and monotonous.  25 under winning? Not a test, just a birdie fest.  Throwing bloody darts for these guys. Ridiculous shit.

And I'll leave the last word to Jamie Weir of Sky Sports on the new Tour Championship scoring system.

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