There are many very valid reasons that a caddie might have to stay on at an event even if his/her boss doesn't make the cut which makes this notice at the Omega European Masters stating that only caddies who make the cut can get catering vouchers seem extremely tight fisted.

Sign for caddies at Omega European Masters posted by Jorge Gamorra

Caddies might need to remain on at an event with their player to practice, or on account of travel arrangements with colleagues, or transporting bags etc so this seems ridiculous.

What are talking here? If 70 players miss the cut and 10 caddies max stay on at an event, and a slop meal voucher in the caddie lounge stands £3 cost, that's £30 a day?

For this notice to be posted in Switzerland is even more insulting.  One of the richest countries with one of the richest sponsors Omega, in the watch capital of the world.  Ambassador Tommy and exhausted Rory brought in to play at God knows what cost.

It's just wrong. It's caddie life.

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