While up at The Open Championship recently I noticed, especially during the bad weather on Sunday, that lots of players and caddies and on-Tour staff were wearing a baselayer brand called Zerofit that I must admit I had never seen before.  Obviously I was intrigued and inquired as to what it was, why lots of the guys were wearing it and where could I get one for myself!

It turns out that Zerofit baselayers have their origins in Japan.  The brainchild of a Mr Higashi from Osaka it claims to be five times warmer than the market leader.  They cant say it but I can; they're saying its five times warmer than Under Armour!

The "Heat Rub" range are the ones I mostly saw being worn at The Open.  They are also massively popular with jockeys apparently; check out them wearing them at the Galway Races this week!  The reason for their popularity in sport is that they are not constricting like Under Armour (they don't envelope your upper body and squeeze the life out of it!);  they allow free movement (and could almost be worn as as a sweater) whilst still being warm.

Zerofit baselayers are also super popular in other sports such as motorcycling, rugby, bowls, fishing, sailing and are also widely used by mountain climbers.

In independant testing (by the BOKEN Quality Analysis Insitute in Osaka Japan) the Heat Rub Ultimate was found to have a CLO value of 0.71 while the Under Armour Coldgear had a value of 0.14.

CLO is the basic measurement for the thermal properties of clothing.

Here's some technical stuff I found from Zerofit on their two top products.

Heat Rub Ultimate

This is the real ‘daddy’ of the range and something that is unique to Zerofit. A typical baselayer
simply seals heat in and uses your body heat to warm you up. The ultimate is unique in three
different ways firstly on the underside of the garment there are microfibers that rub against your
skin to generate heat – basically they create heat using friction, secondly as soon as you try it on you
feel warm. Lastly due to the unique knitting process and the mix of 5 different fabrics (so-called four
way stretch fabric) you get incredible freedom of movement – thus two layers not 4 or 5!
According to Mr Higashi this is the #1 product for his company in Japan and is supplied into many
golf stores across the country including the Guinness book of records world’s largest golf chain,
Victoria Golf who have over 500 golf stores across the land of the Samurai!

Heat Rub MOVE

A relatively new product for the company is the Heat rub Move, this is aimed at people that want to
stay warm while doing active sport. The product is made with a unique Zerofit LABO material which
is 45% Polypropylene and 6% Polyurethane (balance is polyester), the fabric ensures that sweat is
quickly removed from next to the skin and placed on the outer shell of the garment where it dries
ultra-fast. The big benefit of this product is that ‘cold sweat’ is no longer – we all have suffered from
‘chill’ after doing vigorous exercise in cold conditions. This is the perfect product for someone where
their exertion levels change over a period of time as the garment reacts to different activities
regulating your body temperature and removing moisture.

Zerofit are endorsed in the UK and Ireland by sports by guys like rugby legend Willie John McBride
and five time European Tour winner Michael Hoey and the whole range can be found at www.zerofit.co.uk , on Amazon or in golf shops across Northern Ireland.
RRP of the Ultimate and MOVE is £50 (€60).

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