Rory McIlroy wasn't happy shooting 15 under and coming dead last (well 30th) at the Alfred Dunhill Links and......strangely enough......had a go at the European Tour.....for strangely enough..... making the course TOO EASY!!!

“I’m sort of honestly sick of coming back over to the European Tour and shooting 15 under par and finishing 30th,” said McIlroy.  “I don’t think the courses are set up hard enough. There are no penalties for bad shots. It’s tough when you come back and it’s like that. I don’t feel like good golf is regarded as well as it could be. It happened in the Scottish Open at Renaissance. I shot 13 under and finished 30th again. It’s not a good test. I think if the European Tour wants to put forth a really good product, the golf courses and setups need to be tougher.”

Now I love you Rory don't get my wrong, but hang on a fucking second here.

1. The Dunhill Links is a Pro-Am events.  That means the course has to set up for the likes of Huey Frickin' Lewis and cry me a river Justin Timberlake if it's too tough.

2. AND there was virtually NO wind. No links wind. All week.  St. Andrews needs wind. That's its only defence. The course record is 61 for God's sakes. Didn't you shoot 80 in an Open there one time when it was windy?

I'm just waiting for a statement from Keith Pelley this morning that reads "Our bad guys,  we completely forgot to contact Mother Nature and book the wind at the Dunhill Links. It wont happen again."

Look I get Rory's point that modern technology makes the challenge easier and the courses are not tricked up, but you get a 20 mile and hour wind on any of those links and your hot CT driver face can become more of an enemy than a friend.

Lets all agree to make sure the wind blows next time.

Thin to win!

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