More absolute bullshit from the CJ Cup, where there is no news, so why not stoke up some crap with Brooks Koepka because he's an easy target.

Apparently Koepka comments about his "rivalry" with Rory McIlroy went "viral".

"I've been out here for, what, five years. Rory hasn't won a major since I've been on the PGA Tour. So I just don't view it as a rivalry," Koepka said in South Korea.

Thing is Brooks is dead right. There is no rivalry between he and McIlroy.  There's no rivalry with Tiger Woods. There's no rivalry with Dustin Johnson.  In fact there's no rivalry between anyone in golf these days.

There's enough big events and big money that all the top players can dip in and dip out with wins, like ships passing in the night.  Today's media and social media have insured nobody says anything off script ever for fear of being jumped on and trolled.  And when they do say something that could be construed as non PC,  the only rivalries, ironically, are those stoked up by a tired mainstream media trying to justify their existence.

End of rant.

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