Bryson DeChambeau spoke to the media yesterday and as always it was a fantastic mix of entertaining bullshit. 

The world's slowest player also said he welcomes the new slow play penalties on the European Tour.  Its kindof the same way the Pope would welcome female ex-hooker Priests.
"I love it....I told you guys, even back on the PGA TOUR, when stuff was happening, I welcome it.
"I was playing under the rules and there was no rhyme or reason to be called out, other than the fact that it looked like it was a really, really long time that it took, and it was, absolutely. I'm not saying it wasn't.
"But I was playing under the rules at that point in time, and there's no reason or why I should have been given so much heat, considering other things that had occurred that day and previous days of other people that I played with and other things that occurred.
"It's just .01 per cent of the time that that happens on Tour, which it happens literally with everybody out there. They just caught it on camera at that specific moment in time.
"You know there, was no time assessed, there was nothing that occurred and I played under the rules. To be called out like that was kind of weird, but it is what it is and I take it and I understand it.
"All I'm doing is my absolute best to be better, and that's what I look forward to this year is, again, like I said, a new me, a new person, and a way that's going to represent all tours, all golf in general in a positive way to help grow the game.
"That's what I've always been about is trying to shine a light on the game of golf and not push people away, with developing the one-length irons, having a new way of swinging the golf club and doing all these different things that look weird, but have been a massive benefit to the game, that's what I'm about.
"So when considering change like that, I welcome it. I don't want to be out there for six hours, nor does anybody, right. And there's numerous times out there, more than not, our group is waiting for people to go, and so I certainly don't want to be waiting on players. It's going to hurt my momentum. Every time it happens, I feel like I get cold.
"I don't want that to happen to people behind me or in front of me. There's a lot of things that happen during the course of a golf round. People don't just hit in the middle of the fairway or on the green all the time. You have situations that occur.
"Taking that into account, which I think they have done beautifully, it is a good thing. Having the, hey, can I get 40 more seconds because this is a weird shot, the wind came up, or something happened, I think that's great. I think what they did there is awesome."
From there we went onto muscle!

Hats off to Sky's Mike Wedderburn who hinted there might be more to Bryson's weight than the "gym".

And finally....

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