"Teacher teacher can we bury him up to his waist and stone him now," shouted the excited schoolkids at Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud National School yesterday after Patrick Reed made a surprise appearance just before big break.  

Armed with rocks and sharpened granite flagstones the kids first listened to Reed give an inspirational speech in which he encouraged all the 10 year old girls to learn how to cook and obey their husbands when they get married next year.

The visit was not without a moment of humour also as the Texan showed the boys how to do his famous "Shhhhh" gesture after they catch their Daddy's dissolving a journalist's body in a barrel of sulphuric acid and pouring it down the drain.

"It was awesome," said Reed afterwards. "I really enjoyed it and Death To The West!" he added.

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