On the fifth anniversary of the VIRAL "Phoenix Open Drunk Guy" video an Irish golf fan has hit out at the footage, claiming the man did it all wrong and "isn't even that shitfaced".

Kilkenny native Pat Maloney, who entertains all his mates by posting funny shit into a whatsapp group 15 times a day, has dismissed the footage, which has now been viewed over 40 million times, as "looking like an early night in Langtons", claiming the man did it pure arseways and could not possibly be hammered as he's still upright for the vast majority of the video and fully clothed.

Maloney took to facebook today to voice his opinion on the clip, as well as offer suggestions as to how the guy could've done it much better.

"It's fairly tame stuff to be honest, a single video of a pissed lad wont work, it needs to be part of a group of 15 whatsapp messages that also contains (a) screenshots of text conversations about him being a Detective Inspector in the Gardai, and (b) a series of snapchat videos of the guy later on that night naked in a kitchen except for a Ballyhale GAA jersey swinging his knob in circles and snorting cocaine off a hooker's belly."

"Like if a lad is going to stick up a video, for God sakes do it right," said Maloney.

More as it emerges.

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