In the latest GolfTV interview Tiger Woods tells Henni what happened when he forgot to order home heating oil last week.

"Christ Henni its a disaster.  We've no hot water and we are frozen at night.

Erica, wait......ya its Erica,  was nagging me for weeks to go outside to the oil tank and check the level but sure didn't I fucking forget.  I usually have a little bamboo stick left beside it for dipping in but I went out for pints and it slipped my mind.

Next thing I could hear the boiler trying to come on in the morning but it wouldn't kick in.  The God damn tank was empty.

Like we only have the heating on for an hour morning and evening to heat the rads and the water but I'm telling ya it's pissing through the oil, I bet there's some seal gone in the blasted thing.

The oil man came out and refilled the tank, cost me about 750 quid, bloody rip off, but he couldn't get the boiler working, reckoned there's an air lock in it or something.

So now I'm bloody well waiting for a plumber to come out. And sure once he sees its Tiger Woods house he'll charge me a fucking fortune.

I had to suffer a freezing cold shower this morning because I'm stink from all these weights sessions....I'm having a shit week Henni."

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