In this modern world of political correctness the twittersphere woke to this post from Phil Mickelson this morning and must have feared the worst. Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville immediately came to mind! It got completely lost in translation.

Phil posted a picture of two young men in leather trousers to his 490k followers with the line.....
"Not just anyone can pull off these bad boys, but I kinda feel I can" with a winking face.

Now Phil, over here in Ireland we put weirdo's in jail for that sort of carry on.

You actually had to click onto the tweet to reveal the picture of the big calf trousers and understand that Phil didn't actually mean anything to do with the exploitation of boys but rather he felt he could wear those trousers owing to him having big calves.

Maybe he should have texted: "I feel like I could wear those trousers."

Oh dear.

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