In an exclusive interview with the PGA Tour Patrick Reed has finally admitted to cheating on the golf course.

However Reed claims there was a positive motive behind his rule breaking.

"I'm a lot like Tiger Woods in his prime right," Reed said. "I'm married to a beautiful blonde with a ferocious temper, and you know, men being men, I fancied a teeny weeny bit of cheating.  Just for the thrill of it."

He continued. 

"But I could never do that to my wife,  because she would murder me in my sleep, literally, and besides I simply couldn't afford hundreds of high class hookers all over the world because I've checked."
"Anyway to cut a long story short, I had to get some cheating out of my system, so I may have done a bit of construction work in the odd bunker or two; I really don't see what the problem is.  It's much safer than cheating on the wife."

More as it emerges

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