After posting a final score of +11, dead last in the weekend field at the Genesis Open an exhausted Tiger Woods spoke to Henni Zuel.

"Ah jaysus Henni, I'm wrecked.  I got finished Saturday, had a quick shower and went down to meet a few lads in the pub.  I only meant to have two Corona, but didn't I start on the pints. First fuckin' mistake right there.
Next thing a round started and the craic was good so I stayed on another while. The wife was out someplace else so I had no-one hounding me. Then a few more lads came in and a lad I hadn't seen in ages so I was chattin' to him and next thing the bloody Liverpool Norwich game was on then and nobody could go.
Then someone brought out bowls of goujons and the door opened and a DJ was bringin in all the kit so there was a bit of jivin'.  I swear I didn't go to the toilet for the first eight pints; that's some achievement isn't it?
Anyways I don't know what time I came home, or how I got there, but I mustn't have been two bad because I remembered to take two solpadiene.  The tongue was stuck to the roof of me mouth this morning and the smell in the room was rank.
Anyways I survived the day, just about, but I'm telling ya, I need to stay off the pints now for a couple of weeks to recover."

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