May the 5th is coming, the curve has been flattened, and surely a careful lifting of restrictions is on the cards.  And with people desperate for a low risk sport that gets them out in the air with automatically built-in social distancing, golf could be set for a boom. Domestically at least.

Played in the open air, walking several miles, in paddocks over 100's of acres, in groups of never more than three or four people maximum what could be better?  Not to mention the mental and social benefits after weeks of being locked up at home.

Never has golf been so appealing.  We've all read the measures with pins and rakes blah blah blah but when courses reopen it needs to be in a way that is also financially viable to them.

I propose with 3-balls off every 10 mins that gets 160 plus people out on the course per day and you'll never see the group in front or behind you for the entire round.  The three people in each group can stay 2 metres apart without any issue. What about that?

Now before the government and experts come up with some ridiculous, unworkable, loss making formula of their own (which they 100% will do) like two golfers teeing off every 15 minutes, I urge them to talk to course managers about what actually will work best.

There's a massive opportunity for golf here, let's not fuck this up.

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