Are Evnroll the best quality putters in the world? The answer is Yes.

And this is not just a personal opinion.

Evnroll have just won MyGolfSpy’s 2020 ‘Most Wanted’ blade putter test. Designed by Guerin Rife, Evnroll putters have materials, build quality and milling precision that is simply better than any other putter on the market.

The latest win came for the ER2B model out of 34 different putters (all the top brands included) in MyGolfSpy’s ‘2020 Most Wanted Blade Putter Test.’ No marketing bull, just a fully independent putter test recording 12,240 putts over 120 hours. This comprehensive test included a series of putts from 5, 10 and 20 feet but weighted to favour 10’ putts as tests show that’s where the greatest differences are found.

Evnroll own a patent on Sweet Face Technology, which is a unique and precise face milling on each Evnroll putter, that imparts progressively more energy transfer on off-center hits to roll the ball a consistent distance with every stroke regardless of impact point.

In January this year I purchased the super high-MOI ER10 Outback to replace my Craze-E B putter.  It's easily the best mallet out there and just wants to go nowhere else but straight back and through in the stroke. 

For more info check out You wont be disappointed.

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