The best lockdown golf story this week has to be that of 76-year-old Ross Campbell and golfer Adam.  Campbell is suffering with several brain tumours causing a sort of dementia which has him believing that he is best friends with Scott.

He also thinks they have beers regularly in the Riverside Oaks club house which is actually a shed on his son's property in Dural (a suburb of Sydney) where he and his wife Pam now live.

As his confusion worsened Campbell's daughter Leigh somehow got in touch with Adam who readily agreed to phone him.

“You didn’t need me for the game yesterday?” was the first question Ross asked and Scott who readily played along.  For several minutes the two men chatted like mates.

After the call ended Pam asked “What about Adam Scott ringing you?” to wish Ross replied  “What are you talking about? Of course Adam would call. He wants a game. He’s here at Riverside Oaks!”

Such a lovely little story and well played Adam Scott!

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