There are now five months left until the 2020 Ryder Cup in September and still no official call has been made on the event.

But it is hurtling to an inevitable conclusion.  And you're not going to like it.

There is no real scenario in which I can see thousands of fans from Europe travelling to the Ryder Cup in September.  How could the USA risk bringing in a new wave of the Coronavirus to the country from Europe?  And vice versa how many Europeans favour travelling to the USA and potentially bring home the virus?

European Ryder Cup captain Padraig Harrington seems completely in the dark.  He has previously said that if fans cannot travel to Whistling Straits there will be absolutely no matches.

Then he told 5 Live radio last Saturday "This is an interesting one. I was told categorically that the Ryder Cup would not be played behind closed doors. Now I hear it is a possibility and I think that’s based of the fact the PGA Championship may be behind closed doors."

Behind Closed Doors? Now that's a crazy concept.  The Ryder Cup without fans, is nothing.

The PGA of America and their CEO Seth Waugh are actually talking about a fan-free Ryder Cup or matches where "virtual fan experiences" are created.  Are we talking about blow up dolls around the green?  Pre-recorded fan chants over an intercom?

Cancel it altogether. Postponing it until next year would put the Presidents Cup people's nose out of joint.

Nobody will die if the Ryder Cup is not played in September.  Many might if it is.

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