I told ye all a few days ago the PGA Tour are determined to plough ahead with their return irrespective of COVID-19 concerns or public perception or reputational damage. 

I cannot see it happening as planned in June, but after reading this smart-alec response from Andy Padzer when questioned about players being uncomfortable with coming back during a global Corona virus pandemic, its clear we are dealing with some pretty stupid and obstinate individuals in the PGA Tour leadership.

Q. What about the players who don't feel comfortable? There are going to be players who don't feel comfortable coming back. What happens to those players if you start and they're not comfortable coming back playing again?

ANDY PAZDER: That's a question I think you need to direct to individual players. My only experience with anything like this I guess would be the first few tournaments following 9/11. We had players that were uneasy about air travel. That's one of the beauties of being a PGA TOUR member; you're an independent contractor. You're not required to be at any PGA TOUR event. So they have that discretion to play tournaments where they favor the golf course or tournaments in this instance, to your question, they may or may not feel comfortable. But that's an individual player decision.

So I would direct you to reach out to some of the players that you know to get their direct perspective. I can't speak on their behalf as it relates to that.

A couple of things here:
He's basically saying the PGA Tour is ready to go ahead without players, because they are "not required" to play.  They kindof absolutely are required to play. Or else we'll just have to look at you spinning around in your cart for four days.

And if players don't want to play you wont give them Tour cards for the next year, so you have them by the balls anyway.

And comparing a global pandemic to 9/11? Not on.
God help us all.

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