Tiger Woods' dog Grubbsy has finally admitted to reporters that he suffers from a chronic eating disorder.

The 12 year old mongrel, who has climbed to six stone weight and has long been the subject of rumours in the tabloid press, broke his silence today in a candid tell all interview.

"The end finally came when I saw myself in Tiger's latest Instagram post.  Everyone was smiling for the camera and there I was just staring intently at the food, only caring about climbing right up on that table and devouring everything....I disgust myself so much sometimes."

Grubbsy went to describe how he HAS tried everything to lose weight.

"I've done all the usual stuff like eating grass or licking other dogs shit and making myself sick but it just hasn't worked," he admitted.  "It has gotten to the stage that I'm so fat now I can barely walk. I look at myself in the mirror and wonder will today be the day I get taken to the supervet to get a pair of fucking wheels."
"I've just got to stop embarrassing myself with food,” Grubbsy said with a nervous look before squeezing out a poo the size of a pudding on Tiger's practice green.

More as it emerges.

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