In a lovely gesture to the rest of us stuck in lockdown and not allowed next nor near our golf club some Tour Pro's including our own Rory took time out of the their busy day practicing to post videos of themselves hitting balls on the range.

Some claims that they are actually teasing the shite out of us as they bask in glorious sunshine on driving ranges in their private Floridian country clubs as we stare forlornly at the droplets of rain running down the sitting room window were quickly dispelled when it was pointed out that they are actually cheering us up and giving us hope that someday we may also be free.

Because the great news is Coronavirus, is now suddenly totally gone in America; the President was right all along. It was all a hoax and a pint of dettol with coke did the trick and everyone who ridiculed him now looks very stupid indeed.

Roll on the PGA Tour.

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