I know I'm never going to win an argument on Twitter yet stupidly I seemed to land in one at the weekend regarding the post Coronavirus return to play of golf and the new protocols.

It started when I posted a video last week on Twitter last week imploring golf's lawmakers not to make golf ridiculous when it returns because........ in times of worry and heightened perception like we are in....common sense can often go out the window; please aka don't have us putting against a foam swimming noodle instead of a golf hole.

The "fear" is that Coronavirus is theoretically viable on plastic surfaces for 2-3 days and touching a golf pin or a rake will or could lead to infection. 

I asked the golf authorities to compare the "risk" of Corona infection from touching a flagstick to the "risk" of plastic touching during grocery shopping and considered golf to be of much lower risk.

There's no restrictions in Ireland with everyone doing the grocery shopping right? No gloves or masks are advised when in the shop. Disposable gloves are even considered worse than hands.
It's fine handling all those plastics and products from all over the world, that have been handled by tens of sweaty hands during production, stacked on shelves, picked up and put down by other shoppers, the trays of meat from factories with known Corona clusters, handling the trolleys and baskets, unloading and loading at the checkout.  Then bringing all that into your own home and putting them onto your kitchen table and into your fridges and cupboards.
And that is seriously considered less "risky" than touching a golf pin?

Amongst others I attracted the attention of whoever runs the Belvoir Park GC who took a dislike to my opinion. And pretty much any attempt to explain myself after.

So I had another go last night.

Thankfully when the Golfing Union Of Ireland produced their return to play protocols, the pin WAS in there and no foam swimming noodle or four inch pipe! So maybe my plea worked a little.

We will all stick by the rules. We will leave the pin in. We wont rake bunkers. We will all just be happy to be out there again.  Even if I don't expect an invite to play Belvior Park to be coming anytime soon!

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