In Ireland at least.....and I think I can speak for most.......we are beginning to really struggle with this lockdown.  We did what we were told, we flattened the curve, the dreaded surge was prevented.

The loss of 1,200 lives has been the sad reality of Corona virus in Ireland.

But what is becoming extremely worrying, to me at least, is the handling of cocooning for the over-70's.  It's an almost a "stick them in a room and they'll be grand" approach.  My own parents included.

I have spoken to and read posts from my friend Ivan Morris, a top class golfer, living a stones throw away from his local golf course yet serving the "jail sentence" of cocooning from something which, I can't say 'doesn't exist in' rural Ireland but certainly does not even come within an iota of the transmission threat it has in major cities. have all the time in the world, adults like me can wait this out just fine with our exercise and phones....

But has anyone stopped to consider that every day is precious when you are over 70? And being stuck inside for four or six months is time a pensioner will never get back after this crisis is over?

We're now at May 1st, the big day the Government implored us to get to.  The day they promised to "ease" restrictions.  I was hoping golf courses would be allowed to reopen today, but now I'm positive that is not going to happen.

I'd wager the argument that the crowds in Tesco compared with a few people out in a field smacking a little white ball on a golf course was laughed out of the healthcare committee room.

Ivan banging in a 4 footer.
So if we are getting nothing today in terms of golf, why not give the golf courses to the older folk? Why not let the people who built your golf club for you, who grew the membership, who funded the place, who come to every prizegiving, who organise the flowers and sandwiches on Captain's Day, who are the very fabric of golf of Ireland walk out into the empty 200 acre field and play a few holes themselves? Why not? Give me one good reason? You cant.

And don't you dare say the pin is dirty or the handle of the rake could be infected.  I'm sure my parents and Ivan Morris would happily wear oven gloves to get the ball out of the hole if you agreed they could get outside and play.

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