If you had seen the original "The Match" you would have been right to fear the worst. It was a steaming pile of shite. And when the weather turned crap yesterday, The Match 2 looked doomed.

But nobody told rookie announcer Justin Thomas, who accidentally proved the PGA Tour has some great personalities and he's one of them.  Good stories and well able to put Charles Barkley's 'fat ass' in his place! Check this out!

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods? Well they weren't actually that conspicuous for a change. Tiger played like Tiger Woods on the course, which was a bonus, and Phil improved as things got going.

Beforehand I thought he was high on drugs with this aside!

Shot of the day was Tom Brady's hole out for birdie on the par-5 7th.  He had been playing utter tripe until Brooks Koepka instagrammed that he'd donate $100,000 to Covid Refief if Brady made just one  par (or better) on the front 9!

Tiger seemed chilled. It was nice just to hear him chat.

Phil going for the green on the 11th was pretty impressive too. He's in serious shape.

All said The Match 2 was better, much better than before. Well done to all on the money raised.

The Match 3? It will happen.

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