Ryder Cup organisers have announced today that the team rooms of the USA and Europe sides will now also be used to hold birthing classes after it was confirmed that during the Coronavirus lockdown period the partner of every single player on both sides, and the Captains, has gotten pregnant.

A global baby boom-demic is expected in December and January 2021.

"Yes we can reveal that all the guys were at it like bunnies in the morning and becoming professional cyclists on Peleton in the afternoon during the lockdown," the European Tour head guy with the funny glasses reportedly told some golf podcast last week. "They are all all extremely baby making skilled cyclists," he added.

The news was followed by the appointment of a new Ryder Cup head of Antenatal communications Caleb Stork who hosted a virtual news conference today.

"OK soooo the wives and or girlfriends of both teams will be about 5 months pregnant during the Ryder Cup so what we are going to do OK is....... push the tee times forward every day so the players can support their spouses during birthing classes before they go out to play," he said.

"Soooo what we will do OK is wait until the girls get up each morning, see how they feel and what times they think they are ready to do a class with hubby and we'll decide the tee times after that. Look it might be the case that the guys only get 9 holes in each day, depending on how the ladies are doing, but hey what's more important here?

"Birthing classes will take place in the respective Team rooms.  We are redesigning both so that there is comfy matting on the floor, and we going with a bright magnolia shade on the walls draped with airy calming pink fabrics. Oh my God and we will have to redo the girls outfits too!"

In other news the 2021 Tournament of Champions and Dubai Desert Classic have been called off because what's the point if all the guys are off on paternity leave.

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