Hi Guys,

Donal here.

GolfCentralDaily.com exists for the love of the game of golf and not for profit. Although I secretly am hoping some day someone will come along and whisk me off my feet!

I'm my own at the helm of the site and spend about 50 hours per week researching pieces, writing, dreaming up the funnies, photoshopping, trawling the stats, filming and editing my videos and all while being a stay at a home Dad to four wonderful kids.

I try to use the money I do receive through the site to invest in site maintenance and to improve my studio and upgrade equipment to make the experience that bit better for you the reader and viewer.

If you like reading my stuff on GolfCentralDaily, I thank you and ask that you consider making a donation to the tips jar. If you can't its no problem, if you can it's very much appreciated.

I'll keep doing my best!


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